11 June 2013

You Can Accept Failure, No?

Pagi tadi aku jumpa lecturer Organic Chem aku. 
Takde niat pun nak pergi. Just follow classmates yang nak kan confirmation whether they’re pass or not so that they can decide whether to have short semester for their last semester subject or not.
 Again. Tak teringin pun nak tengok markah exam hari tu.

If on the examination day there’s nothing in my head (blank), then what do you expect?

Keluar je dari examination room, I texted my mom “Mak, sorry if kena extend one more sem sbb soalan tadi susah gila. I can’t answer most of it.”

Then she replied, “Sokay, as long as you did your best.”

Smile, but with frustration.
Pass with bad result, or fail?
Apparently I got what I’ve expected.

Not so-so. But the very bad one. Yeah, you heard me.

The hardest part to accept is most classmates pun having that difficulties. Down. Frustrated. Heart broken. So on and so on.

Tapi…we human learn from mistakes right? Fail one or two subjects is not the end of the world. Lantak p la apa orang nak kata, they’re not even in our shoes. Not even once.

I think I can handle this. Degree dulu tak pernah rasa failure, tak pernah rasa repeat paper.

You express your sorrow, but it doesn’t make any difference. Try to accept those difficulties. Anything, everything happened for a reason. Because Allah knows best. The less you care, the less you get hurt. Ni cara aku sedapkan diri sendiri. And also the ignorant thingy. Heartless.

Again. It’s not the end of the world although organic chemistry is killing me.

Semoga akan ada kesudahan yang baik buat kita.


  1. Akak dun worry ... Allah berikan Akak ujian dan jalan yang lurus kalau akak redha :)

  2. heheeheee...we all in same boat ler..sokay...still got time until june 2014..sept 2014 we no more here..muahahahha...yup..pass with nothing...or extend but pass with pride..